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Connect Paypal to Teamdesk and Track your sales. Start a process when something happens or add the sales data straight into a table in Teamdesk. There are many things you can do with this addon




  1. Create a row in a table when a sale is made in Paypal
  2. Send a receipt from your database when a sale is made in Paypal
  3. Add PayPal customers to a mailing list
  4. Add failed payments to a refunds checklist
  5. Start a process checklist for a customer when a PayPal sale comes in.

and much more…

[page_title] Addon Requirements

  • 1 API access token from your database
    • Setup | Database | Tools | Integration API | REST API Authorization Tokens | NEW
  • Your PayPal login details
  • OPTIONAL: A relationship between your contacts table and the addon if you want to add actions to your customer records
  • When the addon is added to your database it comes in the form of extra tables. These tables operate on their own to integrate with MailChimp. If you want to connect any tables then you will need to add the relationships to connect the new Paypal records. If this seems too complicated then we can help at the normal consulting rate.