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Synchronize Google Calendar with Teamdesk and introduce drag and drop to Teamdesk calendar views. Every time you make a change to the event in Google Calendar the integration tool will update the record in your Teamdesk database. This integration is well documented in the Teamdesk blog and you can follow the steps to set this one up yourself but if you’re not into figuring it out, you can get us to do it for you.  This integration does all the hard work for you.


  • 1 user for the API to access the database
    • This can be any existing user
  • 1 setup fee to cover the integration and consult
    • 2 hours @ $132/hr = $264
    • Your Google calendar needs to be mapped out to the appropriate table in your database
    • The listener file needs to be written that knows how to interpret the call from your Teamdesk database
  • $45 Monthly fee which includes 5000 calendar edits per month
    • Covers management for the transaction server
    • and ongoing support and fault ownership
  • Credit card for recurring billing
  • All fees are in US dollars