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Send CSV files straight into Teamdesk without manipulating the file or giving setup access to employees. Maybe you have another system that needs to be imported into Teamdesk but extra columns need to be added. Maybe its simply too hard to teach people how to import records. Are you sure they are going to add the right columns in Excel? How much is their time worth?

Example: Your quoting system produces a “Bill of Materials” in the form of a CSV file but you need it all in Teamdesk where you’re managing the jobs. You could add the records one by one but that’s insane. You could also open the CSV file and add the Job IDs to all the rows, copy to data to the clipboard and then paste them into teamdesk but how long does that take? With this integration you can simply upload the CSV file to the job record and all the records will be added to the right place. No messing around with the file or training people how to do stuff they hate.


When you save the record in Teamdesk, the import file is opened and processed before the contents are re-uploaded (via the API) as shown above. No longer do you have to open the CSV file into excel, add the job_id column, log into setup and upload the file. If you consider how long this takes or how many people have to know how to do it you quickly realise this is a real money saver. This tool does twice as many jobs for half the cost of minimum wage.


  • 1 user for the API to access the database
    • This can be any existing user
  • 1 setup fee to cover the integration and consult
    • 2 hours @ $132/hr = $264
    • Your CSV file needs to be mapped out to the appropriate table in your database
    • The listener file needs to be written that knows how to interpret the call from your Teamdesk database
  • $45 Monthly fee which includes 100 transactions (jobs not records)
    • Covers management for the transaction server
    • and ongoing support and fault ownership
  • Credit card for recurring billing