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Move data from one system to another. Parse email attachments into a table. Suggest addresses while filling in forms. Embed forms on your website that create rows in a table. WordPress integrations. Push invoice data to your accounting package.

Calendars for everyone

  1. Use calendars to track multiple schedules. Track jobs, deliveries, timesheets, holiday leave, Appointments, Events… the list goes on and on.
  2. Trigger followup emails, staff reminders, even mass emails to everyone with mail merge.
  3. Even create collection campaigns for outstanding accounts that work by themselves. Never chase anyone again.

Automated Accounts Receivable

Let your system chase the outstanding money. All you do is check your bank accounts and mark off unpaid invoices… the system stops each collection campaign and sends a new copy of the paid invoice with your thank you email. Everything is automated right down to the moment the bill will be sent to the collections.

The 1 Minute Invoice

If it’s not simple and easy, they won’t use it. The best time to create an invoice is when you just finished the job. The problem is it takes to long so it gets left to the end of the day or worse, the weekend. The 1 minute invoice brings everything you need together on your normal phone so you can get invoice out the door fast.